White Sand Beaches at
Batts Rock Barbados

Batts Rock Beach is an old-timer among Barbados’ white sand beaches, and chances are it probably would not be considered an attention-grabber by most viewers, and here’s why.  

Most times, travel sites showcase hotel beaches and include them in their “Best of” list.  

Batts Rock Beach does not fit into that category. This beach stands on its own.  Nevertheless, this no-frills beach has cultivated quite a loyal following.


Features:  Calm waters - best for swimming, SUP (stand up paddling), sailing | close to the Bridgetown cruise terminal | easy highway access 
Lifeguard: Yes
Amenities:  Mobile watersports | public bathrooms | rangers | small parking area 

Batts Rock Beach is considered a quiet beach (off the tourist radar).  It offers privacy, shade, and is in a good central location.  In other words, if you decide to visit this beach, you might just end up having it all to yourself.  How's that for having your cake and eating it too!

There is a public restroom available but no food or drink stands. However, you can bring your own food and drink.  Just remember to clean up afterwards.

Great Location 


The map above shows Batts Rock Beach and its proximity to the capital and the airport.  
Click on the "+" to zoom in for a more detailed map. 

This white sand beach is located on Highway 1 on the West Coast border. It is just eight minutes from the heart of  Bridgetown and the cruise terminal and about three minutes north of Brandons Beach

With a lifeguard on site and beach security to ensure safety, Batts Rock Beach is one of the many lovely white sand beaches to visit, especially if you’re looking for good beaches near the Barbados cruise terminal.  

If you look farther north Fitts Village comes into view, and if you look farther south, you can see the Bridgetown harbor and port, a major port-of-call for cruise liners frequenting the island.  

View of Bridgetown Port and Cruise Terminal

Something Worth Mentioning..

Some of the trees at Batts Rock Beach are manchineel trees.  They are easily identified by the red band around the trunk and should be avoided if seeking shelter from the rain, which could result in skin blisters from the sap and leaves. 

Banded Manchineel Tree

Manchineel Fruit

The manchineel tree bears a fruit resembling a miniature apple or small green tomato, which is also poisonous.

The fruit is usually seen on the ground and is otherwise harmless.  It is best to ignore "the little green apples" but please don’t let this get in the way of enjoying a perfectly safe beach.  

If this is a big concern, just avoid the shaded area of the beach where the trees are located.

How to get to Batts Rock Beach 

The beach is semi tucked-away from the main road and the only give-away is the blue and white public access sign indicating there is a beach nearby. 

The narrow graveled road leads down to Batts Rock Beach and at first glance, it looks like the entrance to someone’s backyard.

By public transportation: 

All public buses, ZR vans and mini vans travel along this west coast route.  Just inform the driver of your destination.  The beach is a quick 3-5 minute walk from the main road. 

By car:

From the capital Bridgetown - travel north along the Princess Alice Highway (Pelican Village will be visible on exiting Bridgetown).  Bear right until you reach the rotary near the Bridgetown Port.  

Follow the rotary and turn left at the intersection.  This is where Spring Garden Highway begins.  At the top of the hill, bear left around the rotary and follow the West Coast road.

Public access to Batts Rock Beach is just a minute away, so do pay attention.  It’s easy to miss.

Here's what is near Batts Rock Beach..

Other Nearby Barbados White Sand Beaches:

Mobile Watersports:


  • Weiser’s on the Bay Restaurant – casual beach bar and restaurant at Brandon’s Beach
  • TNT Barbeque Hut –  a small family owned take-out located on University Drive known for its jazzy barbequed pigtails

Fine Dining:

  • The Cliff – located 10 minutes from Bridgetown in an area known as Derricks, St James on the West Coast of Barbados


  • Silver Moon Catamaran Cruises - offers lunch, dinner, private charter, and wedding cruises
  • Tiami Cruises – offers lunch, dinner, sunset, and private charter cruises
  • Black Pearl Party Cruises – swim with the turtles, walk the plank, and rope swing on this pirate-themed boat
  • Atlantis Submarine – Discover the beautiful reefs of Barbados and its marine life with an underwater tour
  • Mount Gay Rum Tours (Brighton Beach)


  • The University of the West Indies 
  • Bridgetown and Port 
  • Pelican Village – arts and crafts shops
  • Kensington Oval – venue of many local sporting events

Batts Rock Beach is one of the many white sand beaches you'll find in Barbados that will offer its own private space for you to enjoy.

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