Top 15 Barbados Beaches

Would you like to know the top 15 Barbados Beaches from a native’s perspective?  Then read on.

Picking the best beaches is surely at the top of the list when selecting a Caribbean destination.  The fact that you’re reading this page tells me there is some interest in Barbados, and that being said, it is only natural that you would want to know the top 15 Barbados Beaches.

The beaches mentioned on this page all have a mix of good features and amenities - that is, beaches that are good for swimming and general water sports and are in close proximity to good amenities like bars, restaurants, etc.  

Bear in mind that this list does not reflect a rank of beaches from best to worst.   Truth be told, I cannot pick a single Barbados beach and say it is the best beach on the island.  Each beach offers something different and appeals to different types of travelers.  

With that in mind, here is my drilled-down list of the top 15 Barbados beaches.  Click on the images below for a link to each beach page.

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Location: West Coast
Best for: Swimming, snorkeling, SUP, parasailing, hobie cats, jet skiing, kayaking

This is not just another white sand beach with turquoise water.  It fronts one of the island’s most upscale and luxurious hotels, Sandy Lane, so it needs to be top notch.  The Sandy Lane estate is expansive and includes a golf course and several private residences. Great location, lots of amenities and convenient public transportation to Bridgetown.  [Read more..]


Location:  Greater Bridgetown Area
Best for: SUP, snorkeling, swimming, long distance swimming diving, parasailing

This is one of the best Barbados beaches. Great stretch of beach located in the Carlisle Bay area just five minutes from Bridgetown, the capital.  Perfect for cruise ship passengers looking to stay close to the cruise port.  

Easy parking available.  Popular beach bar nearby at the Boatyard, a local beach bar with lots of water sports and amenities. Popular with cruise ship passengers due to its proximity to the cruise port.  [Read more here...]


Location: Southeast Coast
Best for: boogie boarding, body surfing, cautious swimming 

It’s no surprise that this beach made the top 10 Barbados Beaches list.  The beach is named after the Crane Resort, a top-tier luxury hotel that offers everything for family travelers, couples and honeymooners, single travelers, and groups. [Read more here...]


Location: Southeast Coast
Best for: privacy and seclusion

This is a picture-perfect secluded beach on the Southeast coast of Barbados known for its powdery white sand and natural beauty.  Have your own private space for a day. Feeling stressed?  You’re covered.  This is the best place to get rid of it and there's no better way than with a beach picnic.  Public transportation is not easily available to this beach.  Rental car is preferred.  [Read more here...]


Location: South Coast
Best for: SUP, windsurfing, bodysurfing

Accra Beach, also known as Rockley Beach, is located on Highway 7, the main South Coast road, and sits midpoint between Bridgetown and Grantley Adams International Airport. 

Accra Beach comes with tons of amenities (tiki bar, water sports, mobile massage truck, food huts, and more) and is located near lots of other area amenities (sports bars, restaurants (fine dining and low-key), shopping, etc.).  Easy access to beach and walk to everything.  Frequent public transportation.  Note:  this beach has riptides.  [Read more here...]


Location: South Coast
Best for:  SUP, body surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling and turtle swimming

An active South Coast beach located along the St. Lawrence Gap strip.   Attracts young crowds.  Top area for hotels, restaurants, and lots more.  Walk to everything.  
[Read more here...]


Location: West Coast
Best for: snorkeling, turtle swimming, parasailing, waterskiing, hobie cats, boogie boarding, windsurfing, kayaking, SUP

This west coast beach is known for its good swimming and snorkeling.  Area is chock full of amenities.  Easy access from highway.  [Read more here...]


Location: West Coast
Best for: swimming, hobie cats, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, turtle swimming

This beach is one of the best Barbados beaches and is located in a quiet area of St. Peter known as Mullins Bay.

The beach, on the other hand, is hardly ever quiet as it is a popular hang-out for visitors, especially on Sundays.  Great beach bar and restaurant.   Good water sports for kids and adults.  [Read more here...]


Location: West Coast
Best for: swimming, SUP, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling

Also known as Gibbes Beach.  Peaceful, quiet beach on the West Coast of Barbados.  Calm water and rock free. Good beach for swimming.  

If you’re looking for a beach where you laze the day away without worrying about hotel traffic, then this is the one.  There are no water sports operators on the beach but you can make arrangements with a mobile operator.  [Read more here...]


Location: West Coast
Best for: swimming, water skiing, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cats

Located farther west in the parish of St. Peter, heron bay is a quiet beach ideal for families with kids.  Fronts Colony Club hotel.  Good beach for swimming.  [Read more here...]


Location: West Coast
Best for: swimming, waterskiing, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cats

West Coast beach located in historic Holetown.  Active area with good nightlife, beach bars and restaurants (local and fine dining), specialty shops (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.), golf courses and lots more. [Read more here...]


Location: West Coast

Best for: swimming, water skiing, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cats

Forget about the stress-relieving pills.  A dose of Alleyne’s Bay is all you will ever need to relax and unwind as you watch an amazing sunset.  The quiet hush of the foamy waves meeting the shoreline and tranquil water lapping at your feet will surely seal the deal.  Grab a meal at the Lone Star Restaurant or a drink right next door at Santi, the local beach bar. [Read more here...]


Location: South Coast
Best for: swimming, waterskiing, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cats

The busy Barbados South Coast moves forward with its daily routine – beach-goers catching rays and waves at Accra Beach and drivers trying to make their runs before rush hour traffic takes control.  The script is flipped just a few feet away at Worthing Beach where the warm white sand and turquoise water is just waiting for you to unwind. [Read more here...]


Location: South Coast
Best for: swimming with strong waves in some areas, waterskiing, hobie cats, windsurfing

This South Coast beach is tucked away in a residential area just minutes away from Oistins fishing village.  Miami Beach, as it is known locally, has been a local favorite as far back as I can remember. [Read more here...]


Location: Bridgetown (Historic Area)
Best for: swimming and long-distance swimming, waterskiing, SUP

Here’s another great one for the Top 15 Barbados Beaches list.  Pebbles Beach Barbados is one of three beaches in the Carlisle Bay area nestled between Browne’s Beach and Needham’s Point.   The atmosphere is lively with locals and visitors who visit for a good swim, water sports rentals or maybe it’s that fish sandwich from Cuz’s? Start your day off right with ocean water that is glassy and rock free.  Easy commute to the capital, Bridgetown.  [Read more here...]

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