Pebbles Beach Barbados

I started out writing this page about Pebbles Beach Barbados - one of the best Caribbean beaches and one of the top beaches for the best family beach vacation, but I got side tracked.  


Whenever I think of this beach, I visualize white sea gulls circling the air looking for the ocean’s remnants.  

If I close my eyes long enough, I can almost smell the salty ocean air.  But wait - there’s something else I smell.  Something so wickedly delicious, it should be illegal.  

I’m talking about Cuz's Fish Stand, a popular food stand right on Pebbles Beach where you can find, among other things, delicious fish and egg cutters* drizzled with Bajan hot sauce (optional).  This is one of my favorite spots in Barbados, and most recently, my son's.  He loves the cheese cutters at Cuz's. 

If you’re ever in the area, you seriously have to check this out, but I must warn you.  There is a high sell-out rate so you have to go early (10:30 a.m – 11:30 am).  This is as local as it gets.

Pebbles Beach Barbados


Features:  White sand beach with calm waters - best for swimming, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), long distance swimming, sailing; snorkeling, diving, shipwreck diving | close to the Bridgetown cruise terminal | easy highway access 

Lifeguard:  Yes

Amenities:  Water sports (see contacts at bottom of page) | chair and umbrella rentals | refreshments at Cuz's Fish Stand, Brown Sugar Restaurant (local food) | parking

You always know when something's good. Just follow the crowd.
Goodness in a bun and one of my favorites! Fresh marlin fish with egg and New Zealand cheddar cheese in a Bajan salt bread

Peals of laughter erupted from the school bus as we pushed and shoved our way to the changing room.  A few minutes led to a quick change as we raced laughing and screaming into the ocean.  It was mid-morning and the water was cool and inviting.  

Calm and rock free, Pebbles Beach was perfect for swim classes.  I had just started high school, and in those days, swim classes were part of the school curriculum and therefore mandatory.  Classes were held in the ocean to allow students to become familiar with the ebb and flow of the sea currents.

I was the chunky one and was always identified by my butt, which somehow managed to always stick out of the water like an ocean buoy.  

Good memories.  Good times.  

Now back to the beach.



The map above shows the location of Pebbles Beach and its proximity to the capital and the airport.  
Click on the "+" to zoom in for a more detailed map. 

Pebbles Beach is part of the Carlisle Bay area, a popular spot known for its wreck diving.  The beach is located on Aquatic Gap, approximately 1 mile from Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown.

The area is also part of the World Heritage Site, which extends just under a quarter of a mile farther south to the Barbados South Coast. 

The Garrison Savannah racetrack is just a few minutes away from Pebbles Beach, and it is quite the norm to see the groomers and their horses on the beach for early morning conditioning.

SUP or Stand up Padding at Pebbles Beach

What makes Pebbles Beach Barbados one of the best Caribbean beaches?

  • It is close to Bridgetown and easy to reach by car or public transportation
  • It is perfect for cruise ship passengers looking for Barbados beaches close to the cruise port
  • The water is calm and crystal clear
  • Pebbles Beach is flanked by two beaches to the north and south –Browne's Beach and Needham’s Point Beach.
  • It is within easy walking distance to lots of area amenities, including a local restaurant – Brown Sugar - located just a few feet away.
View of Radisson Aquatica Pier Suites at Pebbles Beach

How to get to Pebbles Beach

By Public Transportation:

All public buses traveling to and from Bridgetown take the Bay Street route, the main road which Bridgetown to the South Coast..

By Car:

From the South Coast – Take Highway 7 past the local racetrack, the Garrison Savannah.  Turn left at Aquatic Gap.

From Bridgetown - Go southbound on Bay Street, the main road out of the city and turn right at Aquatic Gap.

What’s near Pebbles Beach Barbados

Other Nearby Beaches:


  • The Dive Shop - snorkeling, reef and wreck dives
    Phone:  1-246-426-9947
  • Paddle Barbados - standup paddling, snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boards
    Phone:  1-246-249-2787
  • Dive Barbados Blue (Hilton Barbados) - turtle swimming and wreck dives
    Phone: 246-434-5764
  • Roger’s Scuba Shack – scuba diving
    Phone:  246-436-3483




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