Cheap Caribbean

Vacations in Barbados

Are there affordable hotels in Barbados for those cheap Caribbean vacations? Yes, they do exist and many of them come with great beaches.

The word “affordable” will probably conjure up images of hotel rooms in not so ideal locations with terrible food and bad customer service.

This results in a premature feeling of angst and anxiety long before you have set foot on the intended soil.

Just hold on for a second...

Before you give yourself an unnecessary migraine looking for cheap Caribbean vacations, you might just want to browse through this list of affordable Barbados hotels that offer great value for the money.

This is assuming, of course, that you have already scoped out your cheap airfare to Barbados and have become familiar with the flights to Barbados.

So here goes:

PRICE RANGE: Up to US $200 (Based on Low Season Rates and Double Occupancy)

Worthing Court Apartment Hotel

 This is a 24-room self-catering hotel offering great value. This well-maintained hotel is not a beachfront property, but don’t be dismayed.  The beach lies right across the street.  Restaurants to suit every palate, hotels, beach bars, banks, supermarkets, gift shops, and public transportation are all within easy reach.  

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Butterfly Beach Hotel

This is a quiet, self-catering hotel just minutes away from Oistins on the South Coast of Barbados and the popular St. Lawrence Gap is five minutes away.  Catch a few rays at the pool or at the lovely beach that faces the hotel.  Transportation to Bridgetown and further South is quick and easy.

Accra Beach Hotel

This is one of my favorite hotels.  Why?  It offers very competitive rates, sits in an ideal location, is surrounded by lots of nearby amenities and fronts one of Barbados’ landmark beaches. Quayside Center is located right across the Street.  Here you can find small gifts shops, an ice cream parlor and Just Grillin Restaurant, just to name a few.  Can't beat it.

Rostrevor Hotel

 Here’s another hotel to add to your cheap Caribbean vacations list and one of my personal favorites.  This old-timer is located on a popular Barbados Street known for its great beaches, nightlife, and restaurants.  The updated wing will leave you walking away with tremendous value for those hard earned dollars, not to mention a truly memorable stay.   Easy public transportation is just a few minutes away. 

Radisson Aquatica Barbados

 Formerly known as Grand Barbados, this renovated hotel is now under the Radisson wing (May 2013) and I’m so excited about its new beginnings.  The hotel is just one mile from the heart of Bridgetown and steps away from the historic district.  

Yellow Bird Hotel

Why stop now?  Let’s add this one to the cheap Caribbean vacations list as well.  This small hotel is set in a great location.  Five great restaurants sit just outside the main entrance and easy public transportation is a stone’s throw away. 

Coconut Court Hotel

This is a great family-run and operated hotel located in the Garrison historic district about one and half miles outside of Bridgetown on Barbados' South Coast. Delve into the island's illustrious past at the Barbados Museum just minutes away. The hotel has a beautiful white sand beach and the south coast boardwalk is right at your doorstep for those leisurely evening strolls. 

Coral Mist | Blue Orchids Hotels

Coral Mist is a charming little hotel with 32 rooms but comes with lots of in-house amenities like a fitness center, business center, and several activities including beach volleyball and beach cricket.  Its sister hotel, Blue Orchids, lies right next door.  Step out of your room and onto the beautiful white sand beach.  Literally.  

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    Coral Mist | Blue Orchids
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Sea-U Barbados

This small guest house hotel is perfect for nature seekers and offers quiet seclusion on the East Coast of Barbados.  Be at one with nature and relax among the coconut trees while the crashing ocean waves calm the senses and soothe the soul.  

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Cheap accommodations are not hard to find in Barbados. The select hotels and guest houses mentioned above are all in great locations, offer outstanding service and come with great amenities.

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