Cheap Air Fares to Barbados

It's easier than you think.

Cheap air fares to Barbados are well within your reach. One of the most frustrating things about air travel is finding a good fare. What’s even more frustrating is seeing the same fare jump by $100 or more overnight or what I like to call the “gotcha” fare.

It’s almost as if they’re watching you behind the scenes.

Getting cheap air fares to Barbados depends on many factors like your departure airport, for starters. Is it a non-stop flight? There's no sure fire way to guarantee cheap flight tickets, but it helps tremendously if you apply a little elbow grease.

I've listed some tips below and always apply them myself for cheap air fares to Barbados. I always book directly with the airlines. I get no discounts from the airlines and am not affiliated in any way.

Years ago, I used to think that booking with a travel agent was better and cheaper.

Not so. Convenient yes, cheaper no. You pay a booking fee. Here's where the elbow grease comes in. It doesn't hurt to start with your own searches.

Here's an example of cheap airfares to Barbados using some of the tips outlined below. The reservation was booked online on AA's website. There were no promo codes or discounts applied to the fare.

The first image is the hold fare. The second image is the actual fare purchased just 24 hours later. That's a savings of over $300! Click on the thumb nails to view the enlarged images.

Tip 1:

Timing is everything. To find cheap air fares to to Barbados, book on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Most expensive days to fly are on Friday and Sunday.

Most expensive times to fly are around 8:00 am - 10:00 am. The best time to book and buy is around 3:00pm and sometimes deeper discounts can be found late at night.  Cheapest time to fly is around 6:00 a.m and after 10:00 p.m.

If you do decide to book and hold, chances are those cheap flight tickets to Barbados will be gone by Thursday. A Saturday night stay-over is recommended and a 7-day (at the very least) advance purchase is recommended.

In July and August, fares can be elevated due to the Barbados carnival season.  The Barbados tourist season officially kicks off on December 15 and runs through April 14 so bear this is mind when booking your flights. The holiday season (Christmas through New Year's) falls within this period and will bring higher fares, so plan ahead.

 A good time to get cheap flights to Barbados is during the Thanksgiving holiday.  If you fly out on Thanksgiving Day, you will stand a very good chance of getting an even better fare.

If you’re flexible with your dates and times, that’s even better. You can save $100 or more on your flights to Barbados by adjusting your dates by 1 or 2 days and by flying out early in the morning or late in the evening*. So choose your travel dates and times carefully.

* JetBlue operates a red-eye flight that leaves JFK around 10:30 pm and arrives in Barbados around 3:30 am. This offers even more savings if you have the flexibility to travel late in the evening.

Tip 2:

Booking travel directly on an airline's website can also save you dollars. Choosing an e-ticket over a paper ticket can save you money. If you choose to book over the phone, there is a booking fee involved and if you elect a paper ticket instead of an e-ticket, that will cost you too.

Tip 3:

Here's something that shouldn't be overlooked. Racking up those mileage points are now easier than ever. There are so many programs available these days that will allow you to earn mileage points quickly.

For example, Jet Blue's True Blue Program will earn you six points for every eligible dollar spent when you purchase a Jet Blue flight. You earn an extra two points when you use your American Express Jet Blue card for a total of eight points for every dollar spent. You can even earn points for traveling with pets.

Even though logistically you'll earn miles and points over time, there are many instances where you can earn between 10,000 and up to 50,000+ miles just for applying for a credit card through the airline's many partners. You'll earn points at both ends - regular purchases and for ticket purchases.

This brings me to another way to earn miles and points. Check with your local bank and credit card companies. Most offer rewards travel along with other great incentives.

Tip 4:

Jet Blue is one of the best airlines to find cheap air fares to Barbados. Jet Blue rolled out the All-u-Can-Jet Pass (AUCJ) in 2009. Passes sold like hot cakes.

In the past, the AUCJ Pass permitted 30-day travel to an unlimited number of cities for one flat fare of $499 ($699 if you wanted to fly on weekends). Last promo was in October 2010.

Visit the website for new promos, updates, eligibility, etc. Subscribe to Jet Blue's fare alerts via the rss feed and get up-to-date fare deals.

Tip 5:

Another great airline for cheap flight tickets to Barbados is American Airlines. It’s a good idea to sign up for American Airlines' fare sale alerts Net SAAver fares and exclusive emails.

You can also download AA’s Deal Finder to your desktop to get great deal alerts. I also recommend subscribing to the RSS feed. You’ll find detailed instructions on their website on how to sign up.

Note:  American Airlines no longer operates direct flights to Barbados from JFK, New York.

One great feature when booking flights to Barbados on AA’s website is the ability to reserve or hold the reservation for 24 hours. This proves convenient when comparison shopping. Although the airline discloses that fares are not guaranteed until purchased, I’ve always been able to purchase tickets at the original “hold” fare.

Tip 6:

Constantly be on the prowl for airline promo codes. Just type the name of the airline in your browser and the term "promo code" in the search box. This can save you a lot of money, sometimes as much as 75% off your air travel.

Two great sites I find extremely helpful are and

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