Browne's Beach Barbados

What makes Browne's Beach Barbados so special that it ranks, in my opinion, as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches?  

With white powdery sand, crystal clear water with just a hint of salt in the air, and just enough heat to turn you into a bronzed envy,  this claims its place as one of the best Caribbean beaches and one of the best beaches for beach family fun.

Beach Family Fun


Features:  White sand beach with calm waters - best for swimming, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), snorkeling, diving, shipwreck diving, long distance swimming, parasailing | close to the Bridgetown cruise terminal | easy access from Bridgetown with several access points to beach 

Lifeguard:  Yes

Independent beach operators:  glass bottom boats, jet skis, parasailing, banana boat rides
The Boat Yard Beach Club: water sports rentals and activities, inflatables, chair and umbrella rentals, cabana rentals, beach bar, music and entertainment, gift shop, cruise ship package and day pass (US $15 per person) | gift shop | indoor activities including dart boards, wifi, sports TV | close to Harbor Lights Night Club and Copacabana beach bar | free parking at several access points

Why I love Browne's Beach Barbados..

  • The water in this area is calm and rock free and perfect for families with kids.  I’ve been mindful of good kid-friendly beaches ever since my son started loving the beaches in Barbados.

  • The beach stretches for about one mile with clear visibility of the capital, Bridgetown

  • You can walk along the entire Carlisle Bay area from the Hilton Barbados to Bridgetown.

  • The beach has several access points from other nearby beaches and from Bay Street, Bridgetown.

  • Free easy parking

  • This beach is not just great for swimming.  When the sun goes down, it is a great place for meditation, yoga, or to work up a sweat.  Put those ankle weights on and off you go.  You will probably see a few local Barbadians jogging and exercising there as well.
  • There is more than enough beach to go around.  I can take advantage of the facilities at the Boat Yard beach bar, or I can have my very one private space on the beach.

Beautiful Day at the Beach!


Browne's Beach is just one of the best beaches in Barbados near Bridgetown and is located just two minutes from the city center.  It is easily accessible by car and public transportation using Bay Street.  

This beach is just one of three great white sand beaches located in the Carlisle Bay area, a popular spot known for its wreck diving.   The other two notables are Pebbles Beach and Needham's Point, both of which provide easy access to Browne's Beach.

Some visitors prefer to stay close to the city center.  Hotel rooms are easy to find here at the Radisson Aquatica, Hilton Barbados, and Island Inn Hotel.

The pier at the Radisson Aquatica Hotel acts as a divider placing Browne's Beach to the north and Pebbles Beach to the south.  Needham's Point is located on the southern tip near Hilton Barbados.


The map above shows the location of Browne's Beach and its proximity to Bridgetown and the island's airport.  
Click the "+" button to zoom in for a more detailed map.

The Boatyard, located at Browne's Beach, offers beach family fun for the entire family with the Adventure Beach package for adults is US $25 per person, per day. This gives you access to the changing rooms and showers, non-motorized water activities (rope swing, trampoline), beach chairs and shared umbrella.  The Adventure Beach fee is fully redeemable at the bar and restaurant. 

Kids packages are also available: under 3 years old – free; between 3 and 5 – US $10; and over 5 years old – US $25. 

Parking at the Boat Yard is reserved for taxis and vans loading and off-loading passengers.  You can find parking at any of the other access points to the beach.  If you can, use the free parking lot about one quarter of a mile farther south.

Cool off at Sharkey’s Bar with a refreshing Caribbean cocktail, or play a game of darts or billiards on the inside.  Sports tv and wifi are available.

Additionally, independent water sports operators can sign up for jet skis, parasailing, banana boat rides and glass bottom boats.  Turtle and snorkel tours are also available but only on select days.

Hours of operation: 9:00am – 8:00pm

Free Public Parking Near Brownes Beach

This brings back memories.  I remember back in the day when I would meet my friends at the Boat Yard.  It was the place to be on weekends for dinner and loads of partying.  Dresses were so tight we could hardly breathe, and hair-do’s were so stiff they could have supported a three-tier wedding cake, but none of that mattered.  There was always a good crowd, the music was blasting, the alcohol was flowing, and the ocean air was soothing.  Sadly, the Boatyard no longer operates as a night club. 

You will see this local shop near Bridgetown adjacent to the Brownes Beach parking lot. Use this as your landmark.

Browne's Beach Barbados hits the spot with cruise ship passengers looking for Barbados beaches near the cruise port and Bridgetown.  Packages are available to cruise ship passengers for US $15 which include a transfer back to the cruise terminal, one free cocktail, select water activities, chair and shared umbrella, and changing facilities.

Plenty of Shade

Directions to Browne's Beach 

By Public Transportation:

All public buses traveling to and from Bridgetown take the Bay Street route, the main road which Bridgetown to the South Coast.

By Car:

From the South Coast – Travel along Highway 7 towards Bridgetown until you pass the local racetrack, the Garrison Savannah.  Turn left at Aquatic Gap.

From Bridgetown - Go southbound on Bay Street, the main road out of the city and turn right at Aquatic Gap.

What's Near Browne's Beach

Other Beaches:


  • The Dive Shop - snorkeling, reef and wreck dives
    Phone:  1-246-426-9947
  • Paddle Barbados - standup paddling, snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boards
    Phone:  1-246-249-2787
  • Dive Barbados Blue (Hilton Barbados) - turtle swimming and wreck dives
    Phone: 246-434-5764
  • Roger’s Scuba Shack – scuba diving
    Phone:  246-436-3483




  • Bridgetown - capital
  • Barbados Port Authority – cruise ship terminal
  • Pelican Village – local arts and crafts
  • Harbour Lights Night Club

Browne's Beach has it all with great amenities for locals and tourists alike.  The resident Boatyard jazzes it all up with a great beach bar and restaurant, music, fun water activities, and indoor games.  

Does Browne's Beach qualify as one of the best Caribbean beaches for beach family fun? I think it is a resounding “Yes”.

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