Bottom Bay Beach Barbados

Bottom Bay Barbados is a secluded tropical beach and one of the best beaches in Barbados.  Personally, it is one of my favorites, but don’t take my word for it.   Pay a visit.

Bottom Bay pales in comparison to the Crane Beach with its expansive hotel and Zagat-rated restaurants, but let’s not compare apples to oranges here.  

Fine powdery white sand and soothing ocean breezes are abundant at this pristine beach.  The tall regal coconut trees tinged brown from the heat provide visitors with shade and privacy. 


Features:  White sand beach, lots of privacy

Lifeguard:  No

Amenities:  Cutters Restaurant & Deli provides picnic service on the beach

Bottom Bay Beach needs no accessories or sidekicks.  It has graced the cover of many global magazines over the years, and it’s easy to see why.  

The beach is naturally beautiful and unspoiled by nature, and lures unsuspecting visitors to its beautiful waterfront.  

The privacy and seclusion it offers are second to none and has made it earn the title of “One of the Top Beaches in Barbados” nationally and internationally.

Alone at last! This couple is taking advantage of some private moments.

Fine powdery white sand and soothing ocean breezes are abundant at this pristine beach.  The tall regal coconut trees tinged brown from the heat provide visitors with shade and privacy.  

This secluded tropical beach is also a great place for a private picnic for two, or if you simply don’t want to go the trouble of packing a picnic basket, just call Cutters, a local restaurant that pampers with deliveries to beach locations such as Bottom Bay, the Crane Beach, and Foul Bay Beach.  They will provide everything but the blanket.


Bottom Bay Beach is located on Barbados’ Southeast Coast in the parish of St. Philip about 15 minutes from Grantley Adams International Airport, about 10 minutes drive from the fishing village of Oistins, and 25 minutes from Bridgetown.  It is off the beaten path "behind God’s back", as we like to say, and is surrounded by residential homes and pastures of happily grazing cows.


The beach is unmanned by lifeguards.  The beach faces the Atlantic Ocean and as the waves are quite rough, swimming is not recommended here.  Surfing, on the other hand, is do-able.  

Silky white sand greets you at Bottom BaySilky white sand greets you at Bottom Bay

The Gatekeepers

I was eager to catch some fresh photos for the site during one of my Barbados trips.  Sure enough, there was another “H” plate rental car parked nearby, indicating that someone had already beat me to it.

I looked down from the cliff and there they were, the new islanders,  lounging under coconut trees that seemed to reach to the sky.  They were armed with all the necessities – a picnic basket, lounge chairs, books, floppy hats and sunscreen - the works.  This little piece of paradise was theirs for the day.

Two men – nameless, shirtless and shoe-less, were quietly engaged in a card game at the entrance to Bottom Bay Beach.  Undisturbed, they sat on either side of the tree-branched archway, their torsos glistening with sweat from the noonday heat.  

They really did look like gatekeepers, and were oblivious to the rank they had inadvertently assumed.  Sensing my presence just a few feet away,  they motioned me to follow the one path down to the beach.  Rugged stone steps lead me on and as I reached the bottom of the steps, I felt transported to a time    

The gatekeepers were still playing cards as I was leaving, and with a classic island nod and a “come back soon, ya hear”, returned to their game.  

Alternate View of Bottom Bay BeachAlternate View of Bottom Bay Beach

Directions to Bottom Bay Beach

Even with a street sign, this tropical secluded beach is not easy to find, and I’m sure after many queries for directions, locals would utter a response like  - "ga down to de bottom’ – hence the name Bottom Bay.  

By Car:

If you’re staying on the island’s South Coast, your best starting route is at Grantley Adams International Airport.  Head east to Six Cross Roads and take the right exit at the rotary to Highway 5.  Turn right at Shrewbury Chapel.

From northern points, connect to Highway 2A by traveling east for one mile from the main West Coast road (also known as Highway 1).  Highway 2A runs parallel to Highway 1.  Travel south along Highway 2A to the airport loop and continue with directions above.

Other Beaches:


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  • Wyndham Resorts Barbados (2016 development)
  • Little Arches


  • D’Onofrio’s Trattoria – southern Italian cuisine- Crane Resort
  • Zen Restaurant - Japanese Thai cuisine - Crane Resort
  • L’Azure – international/Caribbean cuisine – Crane Resort
  • The Carriage House Grill – Crane Resort
  • 1887 Bar – Crane Resort
  • Cutters  - a local restaurant and take out known for setting up beach picnics 


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