Best Sightseeing Tours of Barbados

Looking for the best sightseeing tours of Barbados?  

The best way to see Barbados is via a sightseeing tour of the island. The guided tour is the most popular and provides the most value for your money.  

Consider booking a tour based on your interests.  If you love the beach and would like to include snorkeling, turtle swimming or even shipwreck snorkeling, there are many that will accommodate you with combination land and sea tours.  

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time since there are lots of things to do in Barbados.  A sightseeing tour will not only familiarize you with the island but it also traverses cultural boundaries.

Images of Barbados’ past will emerge as you tour historical gems like St. Nicholas Abbey, one of three remaining Jacobean architectural structures in the Western Hemisphere.  There you can see interesting artifacts like the slave log which details the names, gender, age and weight of each of the slaves.  

I remember the first time I saw the log. It had such a profound impact on me as a native of Barbados.  It was one thing to read about it in the history books, but quite another to see it before me in black and white.

The best sightseeing tours of Barbados wouldn’t be complete without seeing the beautiful East Coast and Bathsheba, or maybe a trip to Harrison’s Cave with its spectacular stalactites and stalagmites formations - a treat for the entire family.  

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also a treat with its free spirited monkeys regally roaming the grounds as if they owned the place.  In a way, they really do.  

You see, the Barbados green monkey has been a part of the history and culture of Barbados as the island itself.   The monkeys are not confined to the reserve and can be found almost anywhere on the island patrolling some of the local streets with their mates and babies.  It’s quite a sight to see.  

Be careful, though.  Don’t think of petting.  They are wild monkeys and can be a little aggressive especially if they see or smell food.

The Segway tour is yet another way to see the island.  This is somewhat restrictive since it is more suitable for the back roads and away from major highways and intersections.  This is not a bad thing.  It means you’ll be safer since you’ll be away from vehicular traffic.  With the pleasant ocean breezes of the North gently caressing your face, it is sure to be another fun way to see the Northern tip of the island. 

Surprisingly, there are lots of things to do in Barbados for such a small island”.  This was a remark made just the other day by someone who had just vacationed in Barbados.  

But it’s no surprise.  There’s something for everyone and chances are you won’t have the time to see them all. 

No worries.   I guess this means you’ll have to visit the island again. 

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