Barbados West Coast
Platinum Coast to the Stars

The West Coast of Barbados isn’t called the Platinum Coast for nothing.  It is synonymous with opulence and lavish accommodations.  The Platinum Coast, as it has been branded, caters to the more sophisticated and affluent traveler with its well-manicured lawns, private golf courses, and exclusive memberships. 

Luxury vacation home rentals are abundant and private villas, luxurious hotels and the very private Westmoreland Golf Course (aka “No Pictures Ma’am”) have all made this coast their home.

Names like Sandy Lane, Sugar Hill, Royal Westmoreland, and Apes Hill are never far away from the lips when envisioning the Barbados West Coast.

That is not to say however, that you'll be unable to find your fair share of affordable accommodations there. 

Sprinkled in and around the luxury vacation home rentals and exclusivity are lots of affordable guest houses, intimate hotels, apartments and restaurants, and all are within walking distance to the beach.    


The West Coast begins at the Spring Garden Highway in St. Michael and encompasses the parishes of St. James and St. Peter to the north. 

This coast is easily accessible by car or public transportation and is just twenty minutes away from the capital Bridgetown by way of the coast road or ABC Highway.  The coast road is much more scenic with its many beautiful luxury hotels and villas, and the ocean is always within view. 

Barbados West Coast Designer Shops at Limegrove Centre in Holetown

Holetown - Where it all Began

Formerly known as Jamestown, Holetown is an historic site and the location of the first British arrival.  In 1625, the ship, headed by John Powell, was blown off course en route to England from South America.  Personal effects were left behind before they continued their journey. 

His brother, Henry Powell, returned in 1627 with an entourage of 80 settlers and 10 slaves and officially claimed the island as a British colony.  To this day, a monument stands erect at the site commemorating this landing.

Holetown Monument

Holetown became the first town in Barbados and is now the epicenter of local commerce on the West Coast of Barbados.  Every year Barbados celebrates this landing with the Holetown Festival.

In 1628, just one year after the initial settlement, the St. James Parish Church was erected.  It stands near the landing site and is the oldest church in Barbados.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Barbados’ first mixed-use complex, opened its doors in December 2010.  It comes complete with cinemas, restaurants, an art gallery, night club and fitness center, and houses prime retail shops with well-known retail giants like Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Bruno Magli, Louis Vuitton and Armani. 

56 luxury vacation home rentals  will be added and will include a mix of apartments, townhouses and penthouses.

Entrance to the Royal Westmoreland Estate - a private golf, spa and beach resort

Port Ferdinand
, a 16-acre luxury marina development community lies further north in St. Peter in an area known as the Barbados Riviera.  It features 86 luxurious condominiums and 120 berths.

Port Ferdinand BarbadosPort Ferdinand - Barbados Riviera

As the headline mentions, the West Coast is a celebrity hot-spot for names like Mike Jagger, Simon Cowell, Sting and David & Victoria Beckham.  Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan vacationed here as well and Tiger Woods got married here in 2004 to long-time girlfriend Elie Nordegran.  

And the list goes on.   Who knows?  Maybe you’ll run into Simon on one of the Barbados West Coast beaches.

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