Barbados Weather in October

The weather during the Caribbean hurricane season is very unpredictable, and Barbados weather in October is no exception. Typically, September through mid-November tend to be the wettest period in Barbados.  

That being said, the probably of rainy Barbados weather in October is high, but it does not need to be a vacation spoiler.  

The rainy season weather in Barbados usually comes in spurts, but can also be torrential - a typical occurrence in hurricane season.  Inasmuch as visitors to the island would love to see bright and sunny days every day, the island also needs rain.

Barbados Weather in October - Temperatures

  • Average Temperature in Barbados:  81.5°F
  • Average High Temperature:  86.7°F
  • Average low temperature: 76.1° F
  • Average rainfall: 7.2 inches
  • Relative Humidity: 82%
  • Average Daylight Hours: 12
  • Sunrise:5:48 a.m. - 5:52 a.m.
  • Sunset: 5:42 p.m. - 5:48 p.m.

*There is no Daylight Savings Time (DST) in Barbados

Data Source: Barbados Meteorological Services

In 2013, Barbados experienced drought conditions for several months. In drought conditions, nothing is spared, and everyone is affected.   

As a result, the economy is affected, as farmers may not be able to mitigate losses due to low yield.  The cost of living might also increase as consumers pay more for food and other items.  

On the other hand, too much rain can also be a problem causing flooding in low-lying coastal areas.

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Not bad for an October day

This is Carib Beach on Barbados' South Coast.   You'll notice the brown stuff on the beach. This is known as sargassum, a brown seaweed that provides lots of nutrients to marine life. In fact, small fish bypass predators and increase their survival rate by attaching themselves to the seaweed as it floats for thousands of miles before making its way to the shore.

Barbados Weather Characteristics

Why the Island is the Best Choice for Perfect Caribbean Weather

  1.  Barbados is not naturally arid like Aruba, which can be pretty dry.  The climate can be quite hot and humid, especially in July and August.  By comparison, I have experienced more humidity in New York City in the summertime.
  2. The island has gentle hills and is not mountainous, so there are no fluctuations in air temperature.  As the air rises in mountain regions, it cools and causes condensation resulting in rain.  
  3. Barbados' composition is not volcanic but coral.  Volcanic islands like Dominica, Grenada and the French island of Guadeloupe can experience heavy downpours.  

    The volcanic peaks force winds to rise, and moisture sets in triggering unstable atmospheric conditions resulting in the downpours.  
  4. As mentioned above, heavy rain can cause flooding in low-lying areas.  Flooding in Barbados pales in comparison with other islands (like St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines) that experience mudslides, flash floods, and floods caused by rivers.
  5. Barbados does not have water-spouts like St. John (US Virgin Islands), and Anguilla.  Water-spouts are tornadoes that develop over water.

Air Travel in October

Like September, October is also considered a slow month in the Barbados tourism industry, and many hotels add their last minute touches to prepare for the oncoming tourist season. 

Airfares are typically at their highest during holidays.  As there are no major public holidays in the month of October and kids are in school, airfares to Barbados are predictably good.  

If you are not traveling with kids and will not need to work around a school schedule, then this would be a great time to experience Barbados weather in October.

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