Barbados Weather in July

Barbados weather in July is very similar to the weather in August.  It is hot and steamy. 

With the Caribbean hurricane season in full swing, you can expect anything from isolated intermittent showers to heavy rain, but the Caribbean hurricane season is not the only factor affecting weather conditions in Barbados.

Barbados Weather in July - Temperatures

  • Average High Temperature: 81.6° F
  • Average High Temperature: 86.7°F
  • Average Low Temperature: 76.8°F
  • Average Rainfall: 5 inches
  • Relative Humidity: 81%
  • Average Daylight Hours: 11.5
  • Sunrise: 5:44 a.m. - 5:47 a.m.
  • Sunset: 6:10 p.m. – 6:26 p.m.
Data Source: Barbados Meteorological Services

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Needhams Point Beach - July Weather in Barbados

El Nino (Spanish for “the little boy” or “the Christ child”) is a weather phenomenon characterized by warmer than average sea surface temperatures which form in the Pacific. 

This weather system affects wind and rainfall patterns globally, and can affect weather patterns ranging from flooding to drought conditions in South America   It occurs every two to seven years and can affect the Barbados climate. 

The warmer sea surface temperatures result in lesser than average rainfall.  This accounts for drier than usual dry seasons, dry rainy seasons, and fewer hurricanes.

Conversely, cooler sea surface temperatures called La Nina would have the opposite effect causing higher than average rainfall.

Maybe you’re thinking of flying to the island for hot Barbados weather in July.

Air Travel to Barbados in July

Get Ready to Party!

Traveling to Barbados during the summer months can be taxing on your wallet if you wait until the very last minute to book.   Some travelers depend on unsold seats becoming available to get a great fare, but even that is not guaranteed.    

Although airfares can sometimes rise steadily during Carnival season in Barbados, hotel rates tend to be quite good.  With planning, you too can snag good airfares.  Set your alarm clock, grab a cup of joe and snipe those airfares late on a Tuesday night.

There is also another fun reason to book travel to Barbados in July.  By this time, things are starting to heat up at Crop Over, Barbados’ carnival.  The two-month long festival opens up with the ceremonial delivery of the last sugar cane harvest and the opening of the carnival party season. 

The Crop Over fever affects everyone, from the very young to the young at heart and they all participate in this annual event with colorful costumes, lots of kick-arse entertainment, and stiff competitions. 

Despite the heat, thousands flock to Barbados - visitors and nationals alike, to enjoy and participate in the Crop Over festival.  There is no better way to enjoy Barbados weather in July.

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