Warm Barbados Weather
in December

Barbados weather in December is perfect for travelers fleeing the cold northern temperatures.  Winter weather is never fun, unless you are hitting the slopes, of course.  

Freezing temperatures and icy conditions in the North bring a sleuth of difficulties during the winter months.  Long commutes, vehicular accidents, and impassible roadways are just a few.  

That being said, dipping temperatures during the winter months are inevitable, and there is no way to escape the cold weather, unless you have already made vacation plans to travel to Barbados.

There is your solution.  Take full advantage of the beautiful weather in December.

Just imagine what it would be like to shed all of the layers (if only for a few days), laze away your days on the beach, and spend romantic evenings dining under the stars.  

Barbados Weather in December - Temperatures

  • Average Temperature in Barbados:  79.5°F
  • Average High Temperature:  84.7°F
  • Average low temperature: 74.4° F
  • Average rainfall: 3 inches
  • Relative Humidity: 77%
  • Average Daylight Hours: 11
  • Sunrise:6:05 a.m. - 6:20 a.m.
  • Sunset: 5:30 p.m. - 5:42 p.m.

 * There is no Daylight Savings Time (DST) in Barbados.

Data Source: Barbados Meteorological Services
Barbados Weather in December on Dover BeachSunny December day at Dover Beach, Barbados

The Barbados climate in December is very favorable with warm days and balmy nights.  Jackets and sweaters are not necessary.

The month of December signals the start of the official winter season in Barbados (December 15) and brings with it an inflow of tourists from around the globe who crave the warm Barbados weather in December.  

If you are concerned about overcrowding, don’t be.  Barbados is never over crowded, even during the tourist season.  There is always plenty to go around.  The beaches are always accessible, and there is never a feeling of being “too close for comfort”. 

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Calm waters at Dover Beach with an energizing side of beach volleyball

Air Travel to Barbados in December

Airfares are at their highest, and it is not just for travel to the Caribbean islands.  Room rates are also higher than in the summer months (April 15-December 14).  

If you are thinking of spending the Christmas holiday in Barbados or any other Caribbean island, chances are you will pay an even higher rate as many hotels post special Christmas holiday rates for the December 20-January 10 period.

Airline bookings during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday sell out quickly as many Barbadians return home for the holidays and visitors take advantage of the warm weather.  

If you know your travel dates, book your flights as early as you can (6 months in advance, if possible) but bear in mind that some bookings are made one year in advance.  

All things considered, you can’t go wrong if you do decide to travel to Barbados in December.  The Barbados weather in December is a sure crowd-pleaser with its favorable conditions and great fares providing you have used the tips above.

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