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If you love Barbados and what you see on Barbados-Island-Bliss, do stay in touch by subscribing to my newsletter, Barbados Unleashed.    

Barbados Unleashed exposes the island from the inside out, and puts you in touch with what is going on in Barbados, specials, great things to do, little tidbits, and more.  

A "Property of the Month" will be featured along with specials, great things to do, little tidbits, and lots more. 

Up and Comin'

This section keeps you abreast of activities and events in Barbados for the entire month.  Some events are weekly events and will be noted as such.  Do check in on Facebook and Twitter for any last minute event changes which have taken effect after the newsletter’s publication.  

Visitors' Corner

Barbados Unleashed will feature a special section where you, the visitor, can share your Barbados stories and images.  The images can be personal images of your trip and will only be used in the ezine.  I will give you an example:  you can talk about your first impression of the island, your favorite beach, that lethal cocktail made by the dancing bartender with the gold tooth.  

Would you like to contribute to the ezine?  Feel free to share your stories and/or images with other readers.  You will receive full credit for each entry.  An email link is provided in the subscription confirmation.

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