Barbados Taxi Cabs

Barbados taxi cabs are very convenient.  Many taxi stands are scattered throughout the island, and many hotels have an in-house taxi cab service. 

What you pay depends on where you are being picked up.  If you decide to use an in-house cab, chances are you will pay less than grabbing a cab at an independent taxi stand in Bridgetown or anywhere else.

Airport taxi fares are regulated by the government and are easily identified by the “Authorised Airport Taxi” logo.  

There is a ground dispatcher present who will take your information and arrange for a taxi on the spot.  No waiting here.

Taxi Stand on Broad Street in Bridgetown, Barbados

The "Armed and Dangerous" Tourist - Know before you Go..

There is nothing I detest, loathe, hate more than being taken advantage of, and I'm sure you feel the same way too.  

Although Barbadians are known for their honesty, just like anywhere in the world, you might run into an unscrupulous taxi driver who just happened to have a really slow day and therefore wants to make up for lost time and revenue.

Having said that, I want you to know, or at least have a good idea of what your taxi fare should be from point A to point B.  You don’t want to be taken advantage of whether it is in Barbados or anywhere else you might want to visit.

Barbados Taxi Cabs Rates*

From the Airport to:
South Coast Points East Coast/Inland Points
Atlantic Shores $24 Bathsheba $73
Callenders $24 Belleplaine $64
Crane $31 Harrison's Cave $53
Long Beach/Silver Sands $24 St. George Parish Church $39
Oistins $24 St. John Parish Church $46
Rockley $34 East Point $40
St. Lawrence $31
West Coast/North Points Central Points
Holetown $58 Bridgetown Harbor $46
Speightstown $73 Garrison $37
Prospect/Cave Hill $53 Trafalgar Square $42
Gibbs $64 North of Above $83

* Rates are quoted in Barbados dollars.  Rate of exchange:  US $1 = BDS $1.98.  
Divide above rates by 2 for US rate equivalent.

Barbados Taxi Cabs  - "The Low Down"

To say I was a little surprised is an understatement.  On one visit to Barbados, I had just arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport (airport code BGI) and had come face to face with an extra transportation charge for a van I had not requested.

See Tip #1..

Rates are included on this page so you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay from the airport to various points on the island.  You will see the rates as you exit baggage claim. All rates are quoted in Barbados dollars.

  1. If  you request a small van on arrival at the airport or any vehicle bigger than a sedan, you’ll have to pay more.  How much more is uncertain. 
  2. Cab rates quoted are for a maximum of 4 persons with luggage.  If you’re traveling with several large bags, the airport taxi dispatcher may automatically place you in a small van.  This is where you should use your judgment.  If you’re sure that a sedan will accommodate your luggage and family (without placing anything or anyone on the roof), then by all means insist on a sedan. 
  3. Fares posted at the airport are quoted in BDS dollars (roughly BDS $2.00 = US $1.00).  If you decide to pay in U.S. dollars, this is totally acceptable.  Just remember it’s half of the quoted fare. 
  4. Taxis in Barbados are not metered.  Period.

This may be a little confusing but here goes:

  • The license plates of the smaller private taxi cabs (sedan size) start with Z so expect to pay standard taxi fares.

  • The license plates of the larger private taxi vans or small buses start with ZM.  These fare are higher than the standard taxi fare due to the size of the vehicle.  Usually found at designated taxi stands.

  • The license plates of the white public vans start with ZR and will charge the same fare as the public buses. These buses are usually found at or near the bus terminal.

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