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Reviewing a Barbados map before traveling is helpful and highly recommended. This action not only saves time, but provides good insight about places of interest and general things to do as it relates to your hotel location and vacation schedule.

So you're interested in visiting Barbados but you're not sure which coast is right for you.  

East Coast:  Atlantic Ocean - rough waters and large waves. Perfect for surfers, wellness vacations, travelers seeking seclusion, nature seekers

West Coast: Caribbean Sea - calm waters - perfect for families traveling with kids.  Many luxury accommodations and amenities are available here.  

South Coast:  Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea - mix of waves and undercurrents.  Busy coast.

Bridgetown (the island's capital): Caribbean Sea - calm waters - nice beaches and beach bars; good night life.

For more information on each coast, click on the links below.

Where is Barbados Located in the Caribbean, exactly?

This is a question that comes up quite often, but answering the question "where is Barbados?" is not difficult.

The island is located in the West Indies and is part of the windward islands, so named due to the trade winds that blow east to west through the region.  This group of windward islands starts at Dominica and extends south to Trinidad and Tobago.  Barbados lies just northeast of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands located at 13 10N, 59 32W. Relative to some of the other Caribbean islands, it is 581 miles south east of Puerto Rico, 1,245 miles south east of Jamaica and 210 miles north of Trinidad.

View Barbados in a larger map

Click and drag the above map for a visual location of Barbados and its proximity to neighboring Caribbean islands and North America

This little teardrop of an island, Barbados, weighs in at a mere 166 square miles or 14 miles long by 21 miles wide. The geographic composition of coral accounts for the awesome reefs which surround the island and provide a healthy environment for several marine inhabitants.

The island is flat in comparison with the other Caribbean islands. Its highest point is Mount Hillaby in the Scotland District which rises to 1,120 feet above sea level.

The Barbados map above highlights Barbados' 11 parishes.  There are 3 major coasts identifying select locations on the island The East Coast, the West Coast, the South Coast.

The parishes of St. Thomas and St. George, which sit further inland, are the only 2 parishes without a coastline.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find within each parish on the Barbados map:

St. Lucy - North Point

This quiet northern Barbados parish offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.  Take a drive up to North Point to the Animal Flower Cave and then head on over to River Bay and Cove Bay.  The views from Cove Bay are spectacular.  Segway Barbados offers great off-road tours of the area.

St. Peter - West Coast

St Peter is considered one of the premium parishes of the West Coast, and here’s why.  The luxurious Port St. Charles Marina, whose official port of entry is by yacht or helicopter, offers premium apartments and villas for sale. 

The majestic sun-gold facade of St. Peter's Bay is easily distinguishable, and sits in close proximity to the marina. There are  57 private residences available as excellent investment opportunities. 

Additionally, exclusive luxury beachfront villas and hotels are located along the nearby Gibbes Bay (also known as Gibbes Beach) and Mullins Bay.

Port Ferdinand, Barbados

Delve into Barbados’ past at the Arlington Museum in historic Speightstown.  What I love most about this area of Speightstown is the fact that the beachfront and its immediate vicinity are well preserved.  The original shops still stand and are in operation today.  

A few minutes away, just farther east, are developed highways that make it convenient to access the North, East and South Coasts of the island.

Farley Hill National Park sits further inland and serves as a venue for local festivals.  Great scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean are visible from the park.

St. Nicholas Abbey, one of three surviving Jacobean mansions, sits on a 400-acre plantation along Cherry Tree Hill.  This is one of my favorite places for great photographs and scenic views.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. James - West Coast

Here’s another member of the elite “West Coast Club” offering premium luxury accommodations and golf courses.  The luxurious Sandy Lane properties and golf course, Royal Westmoreland Golf Course are just a few.

St. Andrew - East Coast

Morgan Lewis Beach and Barclays Park lie along the coastline of this parish. 

Pottery, an art that has established itself as part of Barbados’ illustrious history, takes shape (literally) at Chalky Mount.  The location is off the beaten path, but this all adds to the natural charm of the area.  See one of the local potters at work and be sure to pick up some beautiful handmade pieces. 

St. Joseph - East Coast

For the nature lover in you, feel the peace and serenity at the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens, or Hunte’s Gardens. 

Bathsheba, a picturesque fishing village that has preserved its natural beauty to this day is home to the Soup Bowl, the world famous surf break that attracts many surfers to the East Coast of Barbados.

St. John - East Coast

Codrington College, an historic landmark and the oldest theologian college in the western hemisphere, is synonymous with the history and culture of Barbados.  It lies in the parish of St. John.

Codrington College

St. Thomas

The parish of St. Thomas is one of two parishes in Barbados without a coastline.  Its location is central, which means you’re never far away from the beaches of the West Coast or East Coast - less than 20 minutes in either direction. 

Zipline your way through the gullies at Aerial Trek, and take a break afterwards at Harrison Cave, where you’ll view the amazing underground stalactites and stalagmites, natural calcium carbonate formations.

The Barbados map above is more detailed and shows districts and neighborhoods within each parish. Just click on the arrows to zoom in or out, or click and drag to move the map around within the frame.

St. George

St. George is the second Barbados parish without a coastline.  Orchid World, set in the regal sugar cane fields, offers tantalizing views of orchids in bloom.

St. Michael

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, is located in the parish of St. Michael.  It is a major port-of-call for many cruise ships, by way of the Bridgetown Harbor.

The University of the West Indies is a world-renowned educational institution offering higher learning at the under- graduate and post-graduate levels.

Kensington Oval, located just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, is the venue of local and international cricket matches and other events.

Christ Church - South Coast

Oistins still operates today as a fishing village but transforms itself into a vibrant weekend open-air party. 

The Barbados airport, Grantley Adams International Airport and the Concorde Experience, the retired supersonic aircraft, are located along the southern tip of the South Coast. 

Rockley Golf course, along with several hotels, guest houses and the famed St. Lawrence Gap make this parish their permanent residence.

St. Philip - Southeast

This parish lies along the Southeast Coast and is home to the Crane Resort and Crane Beach, Foul Bay Beach, Bottom Bay Beach, and Sunbury Plantation House, to name a few.

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