Barbados Hotels Overview

There is no shortage of Barbados hotels to suit your fancy, and based on your past internet searches, chances are you’ve missed more than just a few.

The marketing gurus at top-notch Barbados hotels have done an excellent job in making sure you find them first, but there are many noteworthy hotels for you to discover. Pair your selection with a choice of fantastic Barbados beaches, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Hotels in Barbados are aplenty and the island boasts many luxury hotels, but also offers excellent mid-priced hotels and affordable hotels for those who are cost-conscious. If you would rather stay in a luxury vacation home rental, there are many splendid villas of different price ranges to choose from.

Photos of Select Barbados Hotels 

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The Crane Resort Barbados | Little Arches Boutique Hotel | Accra Beach Hotel | Beach View Hotel | Butterfly Beach Hotel | Ocean2 Barbados | Yellow Bird Barbados | Sea-U Guest House | Blue Orchids Hotel 

How to Get a Good Room Rate

  1. Visit the websites of hotel aggregators like and to track down great (and sometimes heavily discounted) hotel deals. Bookmark the site, sign up for alerts, or contact the hotels directly. Sometimes you can get a great deal this way. Bear in mind that a great last minute hotel deal does not equate to an equally great airfare.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the tourist seasons in Barbados. During the colder winter months, travelers tent to flock to warmer countries. This accounts for the room rate increase in Barbados hotels, hence the term “high season:” Because the Christmas holiday period (December 20 to January 10) falls in the high season, room rates are sometimes slightly higher.
  3. Another great time to get great rates at hotels in Barbados is during Cropover, Barbados’ Carnival. The Carnival lasts about 3 months and ends in August so be on the lookout for hotel discounts and specials at this time. 

Conversely, airline fares to Barbados tend to be higher during the months of July and August due to the Cropover celebration. Try to lock in your fares way ahead of time to avoid sticker shock.

Barbados Tourist Seasons

  • High season – December 15 to April 14
  • Low season – April 15 to December 14

Airfares are typically higher at Barbados hotels during the summer months (June to September), and during the Christmas Holiday. Cheap fares sell out rather quickly so try to book about 3-4 months in advance, if you can. Click here for tips on how to get the best airfares to Barbados.

Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. The months of September and October are typically the wettest months so do consider this when booking travel.

Price Ranges at Barbados Hotels

The price ranges listed below are not standard island ranges but were generated for the sole purpose of categorizing select hotels on this site. Rates are based on a standard room with double occupancy for the low/shoulder season and does not include specials, promotions, or packages which could potentially lower rates outside of these ranges.  

On the flip side, many Barbados hotel rates can increase from season to season and the difference in most cases is nominal. That being said, the rate increases could potentially shift one hotel from a lower range to a higher range.  

  • $ Affordable – Up to 200 per night
  • $$ Mid-priced $201-$400
  • $$$$ Superior & Luxury - $401- $1000+

Room Taxes at Hotels in Barbados

8.75 VAT (value added tax) and 10% service charge

Meal Plans at Barbados Hotels

Should you eat in or eat out? Maybe a combination of the two. Meal plans are available most times and will differ from hotel to hotel. The classifications are as follows:

  • The EP or European Plan – includes room and taxes only (no meals)
  • The MAP or Modified American Plan – a more flexible plan which includes 2 meals per day, breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner
  • The CP or Continental Plan – your basis breakfast (without eggs), which would include coffee or tea, juice, pastries and breads.
  • The AP/BP (American Plan or Breakfast Plan) – full breakfast and dinner
  • FAP – full breakfast, lunch, dinner, some alcoholic beverages

Here are answers to questions you might have about Barbados Hotels:

What’s Free at Barbados Hotels?

Parking: there is no charge for hotel or parking even if you’re not a registered guest

Beaches: Barbados beaches are public and access is free. There are no opening and closing hours. Umbrellas and loungers are free for registered guests (providing they are available). Beach attendants (non-hotel) are sometimes present at some smaller beach areas and will rent loungers for a small fee.

Room A/C: Hotels do not charge a fee for air conditioning but there are some privately-owned guest houses that do because the room rates are much lower than the traditional hotel. In those cases, the charge is approximately US $10 per night.

Internet/wi-fi: Most hotels now offer complimentary wi-fi and/or internet access. Some boutique hotels charge an hourly fee. There are also wi-fi hot spots around the island for easy internet access.

Are there extra fees and what are they? Barbados hotels do not typically charge a resort fee but there is a mandatory 10% service charge and 8.75 % government-imposed V.A.T. (or value added tax) that is applied to all room rates. Sometimes, the hotel includes this in the nightly rate. Ask if the tax is included before you book.

I have heard of mandatory fees (none in Barbados) charged to hotel guests like occupancy fees, resort fees, newspaper delivery, gym access fee, etc.

What would be considered extras? A cot in the room for an extra child, a third guest since room rates are based on double occupancy, or a late check-out. The fees are quite nominal and in most cases, hotels will allow a late check-out if there are no arriving guests booked for that room. This is solely at the manager’s discretion, since as I mentioned earlier, courtesy rooms are provided for departing guests.

To avoid any surprises up front, you might want to ask about the extras when booking.

Is it a beach-front or beach-view room? This might be a grey area, depending on whom you talk to. Many “bulk rate” travel aggregators promote hotel rooms as beach-front when they are actually beach-view. There is a difference, so do pay attention to the hotel description when making your selection.

If you are unhappy with your room, please mention it to the Front Desk or Facilities Manager immediately. Sometimes you can get a free upgrade if there are rooms available.

Does the hotel make provisions for late arrivals or late departures?
Barbados Hotels typically offer a courtesy room for late check-outs where you can change and head off to the airport. They do understand that you might just want to grab the last few remaining hours of fun in the sun.

Can the room be pre-stocked with groceries? Some hotels offer this as a courtesy to guests. It never hurts to ask especially when traveling with young children. You wouldn’t want to arrive at your hotel after a long flight with a screaming child in tow and realize you’ve run out of milk.

Does the hotel offer amenities for kids or visitors with disabilities?
Some hotels have an in-house kids club that provides several activities for kids.

How late is the Front Desk open? Some smaller hotels have closing hours for Front Desk with a security guard manning the reception area after hours.

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