Barbados Holidays

Accommodations that are never far away from white sand beaches..

Barbados holidays would not be memorable without the ideal accommodation.

You know the one. It’s the well sought-after room that not just overlooks the beach or coastline, but comes accessorized with beautiful, white sand beaches at your doorstep. Maybe an airy, romantic balcony where you can view amazing sunsets while you savor a glass of wine or the local rum, straight-up or on-the-rocks.

Barbados vacations on the West Coast

No matter what you’re looking for, Barbados holidays will satiate even the most complex palate with a wide selection of accommodations to fit every budget and lifestyle, from gorgeous villas with breathtaking views of the ocean, to beautiful hotels, condos, and apartments..

Barbados vacations on the West Coast

Each one is different and has its own style and personality. Some will “talk to you”, some won’t.

Here’s something worth mentioning. In Barbados, there is no such thing as closed hotels during your Barbados holiday due to a slow season or hurricane season like some of the other islands. It is a 365-day-a-year island paradise.

The Selection Process

The accommodations on this site are hand-picked by me personally and are highly recommended. The criteria used in this selection are based on:

Area Amenities & Activities

  1. In room amenities
  2. Access to in-house activities
  3. Proximity to local activities

Customer service

  1. Responsiveness of staff and members
  2. Ability to effectively handle customer complaints

And value

  1. Competitive rates and/or add-ons (a good “ROI”)
  2. Well maintained properties with recent upgrades

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Do you remember the disappointment you felt when you arrived at your hotel and discovered that your room looked nothing like what you saw online?

I know the feeling only too well because I’ve been there too. This type of misrepresentation happens every day and that's why most of the images you will find on this site are owned by Barbados Island

Some hotels have requested that I use their images.  In those cases, I have had no choice but to abide by their requests.

Trip is a great place to read the reviews of other visitors, and I highly recommend that you do. I’ve also read some of the reviews and have found inaccuracies, in some cases.

This remark is by no means intended to discredit Trip but only to encourage you to fully investigate before you dismiss a hotel or other accommodation that just might be the perfect match for you.

If you do come across mixed reviews about a property that you’re interested in, please contact me and I’ll give you the “low down”.

I’m constantly on the prowl to discover new places, especially the ones that offer good value for money. Truth is, if it doesn't top my list of places to stay, I won’t recommend it on this site.

MSNBC's Matt Lauer recently added Barbados to his list of globetrotting adventures. Here's a clip of his November 2011 visit and interview.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Beautiful villas on the West Coast bathed in white sand beaches - great for that luxury vacation or ideal for multiples sharing accommodations. In-house chef, gardener, butler are just some of the amenities one can expect.

Luxury hotels, small boutique hotels and condo hotels are also available for those perfect Barbados vacations.

There are also lots of guest houses to choose from. Some are privately owned so you’ll get that extra personal service. Many are equipped with kitchenettes or full kitchens, refrigerators or mini fridges, microwaves, etc.

In most cases, groceries can be pre-ordered and will be awaiting you on your arrival. This is very convenient when traveling with family.

So, what stands in your way of experiencing those memorable Barbados holidays?

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