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Brandons Beach

The word is out.  

Barbados beaches, like Brandons Beach, are attracting more and more visitors every year, and it’s no surprise.  Because of its central location, Brandons Beach is one of the most popular Barbados beaches, and one of the many great beaches of the Caribbean. 


Features:  Calm waters - best for swimming, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), long distance swimming, sailing | close to the Bridgetown cruise terminal | easy highway access
Lifeguard:  Yes
Amenities:  public washrooms | low-key beach bar and restaurant (Weisers on the Bay), beach parking

Location - Closest Beach to Cruise Port


The map above shows the location of Dover Beach and its proximity to Bridgetown and the island's airport.  
Click the "+" button to zoom in for a more detailed map.

Brandons Beach is located in the parish of St. Michael and is just a quick five minutes away from Barbados' capital, Bridgetown.  

You can easily get there by using the Spring Garden Highway, which connects to Highway 1 on the West Coast of Barbados.

Visiting cruise ship passengers can take advantage of the beach’s proximity to the Barbados cruise terminal for a quick dip before departing. What a great way to end the day.  

Brandons Beach with a view of the Barbados Port Authority and cruise terminal in the distance

This popular beach is a local favorite and is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sun basking, exercising, and yoga, but that’s not all.  The beach is also used as a venue for beach parties and local entertainment, especially during Carnival season when large crowds need to congregate.    

To ensure safety, the beach is manned by a lifeguard until just before sundown.  

There is a public restroom available and right next door is Weiser’s on the Bay, a beach bar and restaurant where you can sample delicious sandwiches, cocktails, mocktails or the local beer Banks Beer. 

Is it me or is this image so relaxing?

If you do decide to snorkel in this area, be sure to use a brightly colored float since there is a lot of nearby water traffic.

Directions to Brandons Beach - Eazy Breezy

By public transportation:

All public transportation from Bridgetown travels along this west coast route.  Just let the driver know that you would like to get off at Brandons Beach.

Here's What You'll Find Nearby

Other Barbados Beaches:

Weisers on the Bay - good food and good chill in a great location


  • Weisers on the Bay  - beach bar, local food - casual
  • TNT BBQ Hut - a family owned take-out spot located on University Drive known for its jazzy BBQ pigtails.  Local favorite.
  • Il Tempio - Italian cuisine
  • The Cliff  - fine Dining - ten minutes from Bridgetown in the area known as Derricks in the parish of St. James
  • Cin Cin Restaurant
  • Daphne's (pronounced Dafnee's) - upscale



  • Jordan's Supermarket
  • Silver Moon Catamaran Cruises - offers lunch, dinner, private charter, and wedding cruises
  • Tiami Cruises – offers lunch, dinner, sunset, and private charter cruises
  • Black Pearl Party cruises – swim with the turtles, walk the plank, and rope swing on this pirate-themed boat
  • Atlantis Submarine – Discover the beautiful reefs of Barbados and its marine life with an underwater tour
  • Mount Gay Rum Tours 
  • The University of the West Indies 
  • Bridgetown and Port
  • Harbour Lights Night Club
  • Pelican Village – arts and crafts shops
  • Kensington Oval – venue for cricket and many other local sporting events

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