The Barbados Airport

The Barbados airport - Grantley Adams International Airport (airport code BGI) is the most modern in the Caribbean, having undergone a major, long-awaited overhaul at US $100+ million. 

It is the only airport serving the island and serves as a hub to many regional and international airlines with daily non-stop flights to Barbados from Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, and other neighboring Caribbean islands. 

Grantley Adams International Airport (Airport Code BGI). View from the parking lot.


The Barbados International airport is named after the first premier of Barbados, Grantley Adams, and lies along the Southeast Coast of the island in the parish of Christ Church.

The Barbados airport is not located in Bridgetown, the capital, as stated in some information products you may have seen or read.  It is about 8 miles from Bridgetown and grants access to the ABC highway, the main arterial highway that runs from North to South.

Check in and Departure Area at the Grantley Adams International Airport

Convenience at your Fingertips

The architectural blueprints were clearly designed with an emphasis on convenience. 

The Barbados airport facility includes a pharmacy, post office, chapel, bank, currency exchange offices and an executive lounge on the ground floor.  The usual amenities are present in the form of modern souvenir shops and restaurants.

Wifi is available to keep you in touch with the world, and we know how important that is.

One of the Many Convenient Duty Free Shops


Didn't have the time to grab a souvenir for the in-laws? 
You can do your last minute shopping at the small souvenir shops in the duty free area.

Barbados International Airport - Arrival

What could possibly be more welcoming than 85 degrees of perfect Barbados weather, especially when you’re traveling during the winter months.

Hot temperatures and clear skies will greet you as you land at the Barbados airport and the doors of the plane swing open.  That’s when I know I’m home as she (yes, Barbados is female) welcomes me back with open arms.

Baggage claim at the Barbados Airport

A modern arrivals hall awaits you where efficient customs officers process customs forms in a timely manner.  The officers handle several flights and several hundred visitors on a daily basis.  All things considered, the wait is not terribly long. 

The baggage claim area is just a few feet away with many "Red Caps” waiting to assist.  Chances are you probably won’t need to ask for assistance. 

Because of the volume of passengers flowing in and out of the arrivals hall, their goal is to avoid a crowded baggage claim area and just keep things flowing.  Tipping is generally US $1.00 per bag. 

Make sure your customs declaration form is filled out and ready to be inspected as you exit baggage claim.

Barbados Airport Bar near Curbside Check-in

Barbados Ground Transportation - Airport Taxi Rates 

Taxi cabs are available as you exit customs/baggage claim and a local dispatcher will get you on your way in no time.

From the Airport to:
South Coast Points East Coast/Inland Points
Atlantic Shores $24 Bathsheba $73
Callenders $24 Belleplaine $64
Crane $31 Harrison's Cave $53
Long Beach/Silver Sands $24 St. George Parish Church $39
Oistins $24 St. John Parish Church $46
Rockley $34 East Point $40
St. Lawrence $31
West Coast/North Points Central Points
Holetown $58 Bridgetown Harbor $46
Speightstown $73 Garrison $37
Prospect/Cave Hill $53 Trafalgar Square $42
Gibbs $64 North of Above $83

Barbados Airport - Parking

Parking at the Barbados international airport is convenient and very cheap at US $1 for every 30 minutes, and maxes out at US $6 for a 24-hour period.

Ticket machines issue a parking card for access to the parking lot where spaces are unassigned.  The parking ticket must be paid at the kiosk before exiting the airport.  On exiting, just slide the paid parking card into the slot and you're off. 

For your added convenience, many car rental agencies allow you to drop your rental car off at the airport.  You’ll just need to notify them of your departure time and leave US $1 to cover parking fees.

Departures from the Barbados Airport

The airline check-in is conveniently located in a wide, open area within 35-40 feet of the curb.  Small souvenir shops, grocery and the local fast food eatery, Chefette, are just nearby as you make your way into the Customs area. 

Departure Lounge

Food is not allowed in the Barbados airport Customs area.  No worries.  There is a mini food court area straight ahead as you exit customs and enter the departure lounge.   Here you’ll find tasty hot food, sandwiches and snacks.  It’s also your last chance to savor the local, mouth-watering flying fish.  It’s oh so delicious and seasoned to perfection, so don’t let it slip away.

Duty free shopping and souvenir shops are available for that last minute purchase. 

Now, what will you do in-flight? Maybe read a magazine, or better yet - plan your next trip to Barbados? 

Now there’s something to think about…

Bar in Department Lounge at Barbados Airport

A little free time on your hands? Have a Concorde experience..

In 1976, the supersonic passenger aircraft, the Concorde, made transatlantic flights between London and Paris to New York in half the time. With only seven aircraft ever being built, the fleet was retired in 2003 and is now owned by British Airways.

This fleet is now housed in several museums all over the world – four in the United Kingdom, two in the United States and one in Barbados. 

The Barbados Concorde is housed inside a museum hangar just south of the Barbados airport.  You can walk there via the direct entryway from the Departure area. Click here to go to their website.

Cost:  US $10 for adults | $12.50 for kids ages 4-13 
Phone: 1-246-420-7738

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