A Little About Me

Sometimes people can to be a little scatterbrained, and yellow post-it notes can help us remember the little details, but what do you do when your memory is almost gone?   

During my third trimester, I was diagnosed with a very rare and potentially fatal illness called Acute Fatter Liver of pregnancy.  The prognosis was not good.  My liver and kidneys were failing and I was dying.   

I woke up in the Intensive Care Unit with more than just a fuzzy brain.  Impaired motor skills affected my ability to walk, and I was also losing weight at an alarming rate.  

I became cadaverously thin and needed to consume three times as many calories and fat just to keep the weight on. 

Each day brought with it a new set of physical challenges, but panic, fear, and confusion seized me as I finally came to terms with the extent of my memory loss.

Road to Recovery

I was discharged from the hospital four weeks later.  Weeks went by with little improvement and “connecting the dots” was a challenge, to say the least. 

My memory slowly started coming back during the course of that first year.  At first, it was very frustrating seeing only snippets in my mind’s eye, and not being able to connect them to anything in particular. 

At that moment, I realized how much I had been through, how much I had lost, and how much I had taken for granted.  All of my childhood memories - family memories - were born in Barbados.  I needed to remember. 

Living my Life Like it's Golden

Barbados had given birth to me – for I am a native of her soil.  She had fed and nurtured me.  She had lovingly washed me in her salty ocean waters, and she had watched me grow.

Don't get me wrong.  What I've been through is nothing compared to what others have been through.  I get that. 

The point is.. I'm still here, and I thank God for that.  I can watch my son grow.   

I was given a second chance to REALLY enjoy my life and not take things for granted, as we so often do.

My Trusted Sidekick

This website gives me an opportunity to talk about Barbados – not just about her wonderful beaches, great hotels, and historic monuments - but it also gives me the chance to relive those special memories of wonderful picnics with my family at Farley Hill, and picking vegetables on Sunday mornings with my uncle in the beautiful Barbados countryside.

Put Barbados on your “to do” list.  Visit my little gem of an island.  I know you’ll have a great time and you too will be able to create wonderful memories of your own during your stay. 

If you’ve already visited Barbados, drop me a line.   What did you love most about your trip?  I would love to share your story with other travelers.  

I hope you’ll find the site informative and useful.  If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll see you in Barbados!

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