Oistins Barbados Friday Night Lime

"Fire up de grills and de music"

Oistins Barbados is an old fishing village and still operates as such to this day. Local fisherman gear up their boats to catch healthy supplies of flying fish, dolphin and mahi mahi - just to name a few. A good portion of the catch will make its way to the food vendors, like Mo’s Grill or Marcie’s.

Oistins Barbados

But Oistins is much more than a fishing village. It is the place to be on a Friday night.

This small town has gained global popularity over the years and has evolved into one big, open-air weekend party. I can even go a bit further by saying that a visit to Barbados is not complete without a trip to Oistins.

If you’re looking to experience a bit of Bajan culture, then this is one of the best things to do in Barbados. Admission is free and there's also free parking right across the street.

Bajan Phrase:
To "lime" - to hang out 

Oistins Barbados Street Scene


Oistins, Barbados is located on the South Coast along the bus route on Highway 7. Distance is approximately 12 minutes from Grantley Adams International Airport and 25 minutes from Bridgetown.

A recount of my last trip to Oistins

A kaleidoscope of color paints the night sky fusing the neon street lights with the multitude of contrasting skin tones. The smoke fills the air and it’s almost suffocating, appeased only by the fact that beyond that smoke lies the most succulent chicken you’ll ever taste.

It is seasoned to perfection with seasonings that have become a part of the Bajan culinary culture for over a hundred years. The chicken meat clamors to the bone but loses yet another futile fight. It’s all good.

Visitors Checking out Local Crafts

The craft vendors are smart. They’ve positioned themselves closer to the ocean to get away from the smoke while enjoying the cool night air and the ocean breezes.

The atmosphere is very relaxed - no sales pitch here, no hassles. Small souvenirs line the tables – key chains, jewelry, locally-made leather sandals, beach wraps, tie-dye dresses and artwork.

Oistins Barbados CraftsOistins Barbados Local Crafts

I’m at Mo’s tonight, impatiently waiting to sink my teeth into the dolphin. It’s not quite ready. The owner is busy preparing the fixings – cole slaw, fresh garden salad, baked macaroni and cheese.. and hot sauce. I can’t help but notice that her make-up is perfect – matte finish complemented by flawless, even-toned skin.

A trickle of sweat finds its way to her temple as she maneuvers the hot, smoky grill. How does she do it? She catches my eye and says “here ya go, dahling”.

Oistins BarbadosLocals and visitors enjoying great food

I retreat to one of the wooden picnic benches close by and devour the fish. I am not disappointed, nor did I expect to be. The food here is consistently good.

My focus is interrupted just then by peals of laughter and cheers from the crowd as one courageous tourist ventures onstage and tries dancing to soca music (a style of up-tempo Afro-Caribbean music) . They’re all having so much fun.

So if you decide to go to Barbados, Oistins is a great place to mingle, enjoy good local music and have a great meal. It is one of the fun things to do in Barbados.

I can’t wait to go back.

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