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What is the climate like on normal days?

Continue reading "Climate"

First time travelling to Barbados

I'm going out there November 1st for ten days but am worried about the weather, I keep reading November is the wettest month! How much rain should I expect

Continue reading "First time travelling to Barbados "

Stay in Touch with Barbados Island Bliss

Barbados island Bliss newsletter

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Caribbean Island Vacations | Barbados Mid Range Hotels

How do you pick the right hotel for the best Caribbean island vacations when "cheap" and "luxury" are not on your top list of adjectives? Don't sweat it. I have some great mid range picks for you.

Continue reading "Caribbean Island Vacations | Barbados Mid Range Hotels"

Barbados Weather in January | Mood Booster

Want to remedy your winter blues and vitamin D deficiency in one shot? Here is the solution. Pack your bags and fly south to sunny Barbados weather in January.

Continue reading "Barbados Weather in January | Mood Booster"

Barbados Weather in November | The End of Hurricane Season

The Caribbean hurricane season is almost over, but the Barbados Weather in November provides no clues that it had ever been present.

Continue reading "Barbados Weather in November | The End of Hurricane Season"

Barbados Weather in December

Nothing beats Barbados weather in December with an unbeatable combo of predictably beautiful weather and your favorite shorts. Check this out.

Continue reading "Barbados Weather in December"

Barbados Weather | Climate in Barbados

Are you itching to know what Barbados weather is like? Well, guess no more. Here's the real deal on the climate in Barbados with facts, historical figures, and the best time to go.

Continue reading "Barbados Weather | Climate in Barbados"


do you get any snow over there? Hi Carla, No, it doesn't snow in Barbados...ever! It is hot all year round (around 85 degrees fahrenheit). The hottest

Continue reading "snow"

Coconut Court Hotel Barbados

Coconut Court Hotel Barbados is one of the top hotels for the best family beach vacations. Great rates, great location, great beach. What more could you ask for?

Continue reading "Coconut Court Hotel Barbados"

Miami Beach Barbados| One of the Best Beaches in Barbados

So you thought you had to fly to Florida to visit Miami Beach. Wrong! Find out why this top Barbados beach is a favorite of tourists and Bajans alike.

Continue reading "Miami Beach Barbados| One of the Best Beaches in Barbados"

White sand beaches | Batts Rock Beach in Barbados

Batts Rock Beach – A local favorite beach Among Barbados' white sand beaches, "forbidden fruit" and all.

Continue reading "White sand beaches | Batts Rock Beach in Barbados"

Villas of Barbados

Villas of Barbados come with all the bells and whistles. But if you're looking for something affordable, you're still in luck. Here are the top reasons you should consider a villa in Barbados.

Continue reading "Villas of Barbados"

Cheap Flights to Barbados? So Do-able...

You've finally decided where you'd like to go for that special Caribbean vacation (Barbados, of course!) but the fares are working against you.. or so it seems. No worries. If I can do it, so can you. Here's how..

Continue reading "Cheap Flights to Barbados? So Do-able..."

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